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You’ve been perfecting the design; every pixel in its proper place. Your office covered in post-it notes. Sound familiar? What you need next is an awesome front-end developer who can help you achieve your vision.

Go Fish!Front-end developers are hard to catch.

Developers with the skills you want are hard to find. Many are employed, and most just don't have the experience you require. You need a freelance front-end developer with over ten years of in-house and agency experience. Someone with a track record of impressing clients and delivering awesome.
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Hello,I'm Edward.

I'm a freelance front-end developer in San Diego. I work remotely but make house calls occasionally. I enjoy the challenges of my job, one minute I'm writing Javascript and the next I'm drawing wireframes. Skilled user interface craftsman, I have never met a layout or interaction I couldn't build. I take site performance seriously; keeping my requests small and as limited or distributed as possible.

I have a few online profiles with examples of my work and experience.
The best way to learn more about me is to schedule a phone call.

Edward Meehan
Wetumka Interactive Founder
Front-End Developer

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